Thursday, January 3, 2013


"Did I hear someone say you're the one who found Wes at the lake?" Stevie asked. Ernie shrugged and nodded. "It's a long story, but I was aboard the search-and-rescue helicopter, searching the coves and inlets for the boat where we believed Wes was being held captive. We saw a flash of light in the rain and . . . there he was."

"My boy and Wes practically grew up together. He's kind of like a nephew to me. How well do you know him?" "We met in July, and I worked closely with him in the communications department of the campaign." Originally, that was all she intended to say, but instead she found herself pouring out the whole story to someone she sensed knew the real Wes as she did, not simply Wes Bellardi the senator's son. She told about Wes's uncanny resemblance to Dougie, which meant she had to tell Dougie's tragic story, including the sense of failure and the redemption she experienced mentoring Wes.


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