Monday, October 8, 2012

Truth Is Absolute

Jon's stand on the subject of tolerance was clear: Truth is absolute, based on the Bible, coming from God's nature and character. Right and wrong is not something we decide but something God decides. Though she did not totally grasp it, Shawna sensed that her dad was telling the truth. In fact, she was touched as much by his sincerity as his conviction. His answer brought a subtle but much needed quiet to her soul.

"Thanks, Dad," she said. "That really helps. I'm sure glad I have you to talk to." "You're welcome, honey." Jon paused, "I'm glad I could be here for you. You must miss having your mom around to talk to." Shawna bit her lip. "Yeah, I really do. Either she's gone all the time or, when she is here, she's too busy with clients or campaign business or that Robert guy to talk to me." Jon frowned. "What Robert guy? Who's Robert?"

Uh oh, Shawna thought, feeling her face flush. I really opened my big mouth this time. She tried to look surprised. "Robert? Oh, Robert. Yeah, well, he's just this guy that... I mean, he's some guy in the campaign with Mom. Well, not with Mom, I didn't mean that."


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