Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Problem with Tolerance

The basic assumption behind tolerance," Jon said, "is that there are no moral absolutes. To these people, right and wrong are a matter of personal opinion, not a code of principles established by God that applies to everyone everywhere all the time. That's why they say all beliefs and lifestyles are equal, because they don't accept a hierarchy of values that differentiates between beliefs and lifestyles. There's no such thing as absolute right and absolute wrong.”
Jon continued. "OK, now for the big question: Is right and wrong a matter of personal opinion, or is it objective—something decided outside of ourselves?"  Shawna knew Ms. Carmona would say: Truth is relative; don't let other people make the rules for you; do what you feel is right. But then she would say that people who live according to the moral standards in the Bible were "fundamentalist bigots." She was tolerant of people who were tolerant like her, but she was not tolerant of the intolerant. It did not make sense.

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