Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Not Your Fault

"Not much good has come Wes' way since I met him," Stevie said soberly to her ex-husband Jon. "He's as closed and hard to reach as Dougie ever was. And now he's... gone." "The kidnapping wasn't your fault, Stevie. Don't blame yourself for something you can't control," he said. "But if he dies—"

"That's not your fault, either," Jon interrupted. "Your feelings for him and your attempts to help him are wonderful. Having had a similar experience, I identify with your concern. God forbid that Wes gets hurt at all. But whether he lives or dies, you are not to blame for it any more than you are for Dougie's overdose."

Stevie was shocked breathless by Jon's last words. Jon dropped his gaze, obviously realizing what he had just said. Stevie was not about to let the comment pass. "That's not what I remember, Jon. According to you, I was to blame for what happened to Dougie." In all fairness, she knew she had also dumped a lot of blame and guilt on Jon, but she assumed he would remind her of that momentarily, so she refrained from mentioning it herself.


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