Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Abuela in Heaven

My abuela—my grandma—used to talk to me about God," Ben said, lowering his eyes again. "She took me to Mass every week. I really liked going to church when I was a kid, even though a lot of my friends told me there was no such thing as God. When my abuela died, I decided they were right. At least, I tried to believe it. Sometimes I'm not so sure. Sometimes it's like I can still hear my abuela telling me about Jesus and heaven...."

His voice trailed off, and Jon waited. When Ben spoke again, his voice was thick. "Do you think she was right?" he asked. "I mean, that there really is a God and a heaven?" "Yes," Jon said. "I believe your grandmother was right. There really is a God, and there really is a heaven."

Ben raised his head, his dark eyes glistened with tears. He made no attempt to brush them away. "Do you think she's there ... in heaven?" Jon nodded. "I'm sure she is," he answered. "And ... I'm sure my Dougie is too." Ben looked surprised. "Somebody who died from drugs? In heaven?"

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