Monday, June 18, 2012

Questioning Tolerance

Shawna's brain was overloaded with thoughts and questions and conflicts from her two days in San Francisco. At times during the general sessions and seminars, everything she heard and experienced seemed so logical and exciting. At other times, Shawna wondered if she were the only sane person at the conference.

Where had all this stuff about tolerance and individual values and equal truth and equal lifestyles come from? Not to mention the big interest in ancient religious beliefs and practices. And what did it all mean? Shawna was careful to play along and keep her doubts to herself. To call into question verities clearly unimpeachable to others would have been an act of social suicide. But Shawna had come away confused, especially about the topics Ms. Carmona and Terilyn and the other girls seemed so sure about.

It was time to talk to Mom. She would not tell Mom everything, such as Ms. Carmona being involved in reading horoscopes or her strange beliefs about spirituality and higher powers. Nor would she tell her about the discussions she often had with Terilyn regarding tolerance and truth and spirituality. If she liked what she heard, fine. If not, she could blow it off and believe whatever she wanted.

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