Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It had been a grueling weekend for Stevie, not so much physically as emotionally. Though very little of her time had been required by Senator Bellardi and the debate team, Stevie had spent the last forty-eight hours wound tight, ready at a moment's notice to help out as needed. Then for two hours each evening she was on the edge of her chair emotionally during the Bellardi-Dunsmuir debates. Stevie had the sense that each question, each comment, each word uttered on the platform in front of the television cameras bore directly on her future in North California. Every Bellardi gain was a personal gain for Stevie and her children. Every glimmer of a Dunsmuir success felt like a personal defeat.

 Being so close to Robert Johnstone all weekend had also taken an emotional toll on Stevie. Although they had not spent any time alone together, Stevie was constantly aware of his presence. She found herself counting the days until November so that she and Robert could finally begin spending personal time together. Even more taxing to Stevie's emotions this weekend had been the frightening event at the Bellardi ranch.

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