Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Senator Bellardi had been driven home in the middle of the night to view the fire damage and talk with his security staff. The note from AntiCrist (his spelling) was discovered early Saturday morning. News of another attack, especially one that could have destroyed the senator's home and killed his son and housekeeper, sobered Stevie. Hearing of AntiCrist's threat to purposely hurt someone—particularly someone the senator loved—gripped her with fear.

Even though Robert had made it a point to assure her that Wes had escaped the blaze unharmed, Stevie still had felt moved to call him. When she finally reached him late Saturday morning, her protege was as non-communicative as ever, but Stevie was relieved just hearing his foggy voice. She wanted to implore Wes to quit the campaign and fly back to the university. Whoever AntiCrist was, he was crazy enough and crafty enough to make good on his threats—and Wes might very well be a target. So she urged him to be careful. Every thought of harm coming to Wes reminded her of the tragic overdose that befell her own Dougie.

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