Monday, February 20, 2012

Giggling at Pornography

The four girls laughed until their sides ached and their faces were wet with tears. The clip from the video Terilyn had cued up for them was not even intended to be funny. Rather, it was a long, steamy love scene. Terilyn started giggling at the beginning of the scene. "Can you believe it? Guys actually get turned on watching this stuff.

Shawna's hilarity was greatly exaggerated by pangs of guilt and embarrassment. No way would she admit to her mother that she watched this stuff. It was raunchy, the stuff you had to rent from the back room of the video store. But she was not about to be a goody-goody in front of her new friends, who were so fun to be with. And at least they were in agreement with her that they would not want to be involved in the sort of behavior they were witnessing on the screen. I'm so glad my new friends aren't like Destiny or Rik, Shawna told herself. The stuff in this video is the type of thing they used to talk about all the time.

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