Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shrinking Lead

Jon asked Stevie, "Do you still feel good about where Dan Bellardi is headed, should he get elected?" "Oh, absolutely," Stevie answered with conviction. "This is a wise, godly man. Can you imagine a state governed by someone who is committed to biblical values? I mean, think of the situation at your school as an example: drugs sold and used in the rest rooms, gay kids holding hands and kissing in the halls, condoms distributed in health classes, kids practicing with them on bananas. That's not going to happen here. Think of how a morally positive environment will benefit our kids. And Senator Bellardi will win the election, Jon. There's just too much prayer and good work going on here for it not to happen."

"I've read that Juanita Dunsmuir continues to gain in the polls. Some writers think she'll eventually overtake the senator." Stevie shook her head. "She's still almost 15 percentage points behind with a little over three months to go. After the debates in September, the margin will widen again—perhaps to twenty or thirty points." "You really think it will?" Jon pressed. "I have no doubt,” she replied with confidence.

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