Thursday, January 26, 2012

God's Will and Human Effort

“When the people of North California see Senator Bellardi and Juanita Dunsmuir side by side, it won't even be a contest. During the debates, she won't have her loud music and famous friends along to charm the audience. Her liberal views will sound ridiculous next to the senator's high ideals for this state. I think the election in November will be a mere formality," Stevie said.

Jon nodded slightly. After several moments, Stevie filled the silence: "I believe I did what God wants me to do for the kids by moving up here, Jon. Remember how we prayed together for Dougie and Shawna and Collin when we first became Christians? We used to sneak into their rooms every night while they were asleep. We laid our hands on them and asked God to protect them from the 'nasty old world.' Remember?" She waited for a response.

Jon looked up. "Yeah, I remember," he said, nodding. "At least we did something right back then, didn't we?" "Now I believe our prayers were only the beginning of what we should have done. I think we should have been more responsible about protecting our kids from the evil in the world. I can almost hear God trying to answer us back then: 'Hey, I'm doing my part. But why do you think I put those kids in your hands? Use the brains and resources I gave you to protect them from the evil world.'

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