Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls Having Fun

Terilyn asked, "Are you freaked that we went skinny dipping Shawna?" "Somebody could have seen you," Shawna argued weakly. Terilyn's answer shocked Shawna again. "So what if somebody saw us? So what if a perverted old fisherman out in the middle of the lake with a telescope got an eyeful? That makes it even more exciting. I hope he enjoyed it. We sure did." Terilyn continued, "It was just us girls having some fun, Shawna. It's not like there were guys there or anything. It was something different, something spontaneous and exciting and, like I said, spiritual. There aren't that many exciting places to go. So me and the girls make our own fun. We never know what we're going to do next. And we all want you to come next time."

Shawna felt torn. For her money, meeting Terilyn, Josie, and Alexis was the best thing so far about moving to Redding. The last five weeks would have been completely boring had she not hooked up with Terilyn and her friends at the Commons pool. Having been so quickly accepted by them, Shawna felt she belonged—a feeling that did not come over her often.

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