Monday, November 7, 2011

New Friends

Shawna had met Terilyn Spradlin and her two friends, Josie and Alexis, at the Commons pool. They were all fifteen or sixteen, soon to be juniors in high school. But they had taken in the lowly sophomore like she was family. These girls were obviously not Lindley Belle material—no cheerleaders, class leaders, guy chasers. They were kind of plain, the way Shawna had expected farm girls around Redding to be. But Terilyn, Josie, and Alexis were smart and witty, and they really knew how to laugh and have a good time. Shawna found them to be uncomplicated and fun.

Most important of all, Terilyn, Josie, and Alexis were not anything like Destiny. The longer Shawna was away from L.A., the more she realized she was better off without Destiny around. Even though her new friends were not overtly religious, in that they and their families did not seem to be involved with church regularly, there did seem to be a spiritual element about them, and they certainly were not trouble magnets like Destiny. Thanks to her three new friends, Shawna's life in North California was off to a good start.

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