Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tolerance: Winner Take All

Daniel Bellardi was flipping through the TV channels looking for more news on his campaign for governor against Juanita Dunsmuir. The local stations were into sports and weather now, and the cable news stations were on to national stories. Daniel kept rolling through the channels anyway.

"Did anyone talk about the debates tonight?" Daniel asked his son and wife. "Krueger, the guy on KRED, was building them up like the final rounds of a winner-take-all heavyweight title fight," Wes responded, watching his father surf the channels. "Not a bad analogy," Daniel said, more to himself than to his son.

"Krueger said it doesn't matter who's leading in the polls in September. Whoever wins the debates will win the fight by a knockout. He said the topic of tolerance will be the deciding factor. Whoever has the best barrage of punches on that issue will win the fight."

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