Monday, October 10, 2011

Settling In

Leisurely baking in the early afternoon sun, Stevie turned her thoughts to the reason she had moved to Redding five weeks ago. Amidst the hassle of moving in and getting her advertising business off the ground, Stevie had had little time to follow the campaign of her new hero, gubernatorial candidate Bellardi. News reports showed the state senator still leading in the polls by 20 percentage points. If the trend continued, the two candidates could be sprinting for the finish line neck and neck by November. The remote possibility was disturbing to Stevie.

Stevie had never worked in a political campaign in her life. Considering the candidates in Los Angeles and South California to be only varying degrees of bad and worse, she had little motivation to vote, let alone jump on anyone's political bandwagon. But Bellardi was different. Here was someone she could not only support at the polls but campaign for.

But how could a rank amateur in politics hope to help a major candidate like Bellardi? Stevie intended to find out this Sunday afternoon at campaign rally in Caldwell Park. After all, she had not turned her family's world upside-down to see the moral utopia of North California evaporate before her eyes.

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