Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who's Guilty Now?

The next events progressed so fast that Shawna thought she was in a time warp. She described what she knew about the computer incident to the two navy-clad Los Angeles police officers, both women. Each officer took turns briefly interviewing Shawna and her mother separately, including trips to the garage to inspect the damage. Jon and Collin were politely instructed not to interfere. Collin clung to his father, fighting back tears.

Stevie dabbed her eyes with a tissue during the process, glancing often at her daughter with pained disbelief. Shawna was torn between feelings of sadness for betraying her mother and a dogged insistence to follow through with her plan.

Finally the officers called the family together in the entry. "Based on what we have seen and heard this evening, Mrs. Van Horne," began the senior officer, a stocky Asian with black hair pulled into a short ponytail, "and in compliance with the Child's Rights Act in force in South California, your daughter must find another place to stay until CSD holds a hearing to discuss possible charges."

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