Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Called the Police

The timing could not have been better, Shawna assessed. Her mother appeared at the door of her bedroom. Ashen-faced, she spoke to her ex-husband as if Shawna were invisible. "Jon, the police are here. They say Shawna called them. They want to talk with her." Jon turned to his daughter. "The police?" he said in disbelief. "Shawna, what are you thinking?"

Shawna was flooded with uncertainty. Had she actually called the police and reported being abused by her mother? It seemed like a dream now, but she had done just that less than an hour ago. Now the police were here. What would she tell them? What would they do to her? What would they do to her mom and dad? She felt Destiny egging her on. "All I want is a life of my own," Shawna repeated as she led her parents out of the room.

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