Thursday, May 26, 2011

36 Oz. of Courage

Eugene Hackett (Rattler from the De Soto gang) sat alone in the darkness finishing his third beer of the young evening. His uncle had left for Vegas, then the electricity and phone had been turned off due to lack of payment. Eugene cursed his uncle's stupidity. If Lyle Hackett did not get lucky in Vegas, the place would be dark until he turned a couple of good drug deals. In the meantime, there were no lights, no hot water, and no food in the house. Just beer. Lyle always had plenty of beer around.

The inconveniences and the alcohol stoked Eugene's already sour mood. Sullen idleness always seemed to bring his thoughts back to the night at the rec center. The memory of that arrogant coach who humiliated him at the rec center demanded vengeance. Eugene had held his anger for nearly two weeks, finding a twisted sense of pleasure in anticipating the moment of payback. Now, with thirty-six ounces of artificial courage goading his anger, he could no longer resist the urge.

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