Monday, April 4, 2011

Email from Rik

Stevie had inadvertently jostled her daughter's computer mouse, revealing messages to and from Rik. They were probably as inane and harmless as all the others from Shawna's friends, Stevie thought. Yet as much as she wanted to trust Shawna, the incident at camp had alerted her that the girl was quite capable of deceit. Stevie wasn't about to lose another child through ignorance or neglect. A quick look at a couple of messages would surely disarm her fears. She reached for the mouse and clicked on the latest message from Rik. Stevie was not prepared for what appeared. Several of the words on the screen assaulted her before she even started reading the message. Vile words, unspeakable words. An involuntary groan leaped into her throat, as if someone had rammed a fist into her stomach. Forcing herself, she read the text line by line. (to be continued)

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