Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Email from Rik (continued)

Stevie forced herself to read the love letter addressed to Shawna, a graphically suggestive love letter. The grammar and spelling were atrocious, but the message was clear. Using the crudest terms of the street, Rik described what he would do to please Shawna sexually and how she could please him. Stevie felt as if she had just witnessed the seduction and rape of her teenaged daughter. And she was enraged that the perpetrator had committed the act in her own home, in Shawna's own room. With trembling fingers, she opened another message from Rik, then another, and another. The earliest entries were playful and flirtatious, typical of romantic banter between a junior high boy and girl. But the last half-dozen messages were as vulgar and sickening as the one that had arrived that morning.

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