Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Don't Know Anything

Stevie said, "Shawna, tell me about this girl Destiny." It was a wide-open opportunity for Shawna to finger Destiny as the instigator to sneak out of camp to go meet boys. With a get-off-my-back whine, Shawna replied, "Just a girl in the youth group." "And the clothes you wore last night—the sweater and microskirt—did they belong to Destiny?" "Yeah," she said finally. "So you let a girl in the youth group talk you into wearing her clothes and doing a very dangerous thing," Stevie clarified. "Destiny didn't talk me into anything. I wore those clothes, because you won't let me wear them at home. And I went into the village because I wanted to."

Stevie could feel her patience and civility eroding. "You could have been kidnapped or raped or murdered, Shawna. Didn't you see the danger of walking into a strange town alone in the middle of the night?" "Mom, you make it sound like all guys are perverts," Shawna retorted with the familiar you-don't-know-anything haughtiness in her voice.

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