Monday, February 28, 2011

Not All Guys are Perverts

Riding in the car, Stevie glanced at her daughter and said, “The camp director told me you were talking with a carload of boys when he found you. Who were they?" "Just some guys from the village, but they weren't perverts." "How can you possibly know that?" Stevie demanded. "I just know, Mom. That's the problem. You don't think I know anything." Shawna breathed an expletive, then added, "That's how I feel about always being treated like a baby. I'll bet Dougie felt the same way. No wonder he did what he did."

Slashed by Shawna's words, Stevie could not have said more if she had wanted to. She gripped the steering wheel and focused on the road ahead, hoping Shawna would not choose that particular moment to look at her, because her lip was trembling and her eyes were filling with tears.

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