Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Questions about Unintentional Pregnancy

Dealing with your many feelings, welcoming the comfort of others, confessing your sin, and receiving God’s forgiveness are important steps in responding to your unintentional pregnancy. But there are other questions that must be considered that impact the people who will be affected by the baby growing inside you. The questions may not be pleasant to think about or easy to answer, but they will start you on the track to dealing with the issues that accompany your pregnancy. Consider going through these questions with a youth leader, a trusted friend, parent or minister.

Are you sure you are pregnant? Have you missed a period? Have you taken an in-home pregnancy test? Have you been examined by a doctor? If you have not confirmed your suspicions of pregnancy, do so. If you need help with this step, ask a mature Christian friend or leader.

Who knows about your pregnancy? It is very important that you immediately disclose your condition to your parents and to your boyfriend and his family. This may seem impossible but suggestions for a meeting with your parents will be discussed in a future blog. Beyond the close circle of the involved families, you need to inform others only if and when you choose.

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