Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are You Considering Marriage?

You should consider marriage to your child’s father only if there are sound reasons beyond seeking to “legalize” your pregnancy. If you can answer most of the questions below in the positive, perhaps you should discuss this option with those giving you support and counsel:

Do you and the father of your child want to be married now? Were you planning to be married before you discovered you were pregnant?

Are you and the father of your child mature enough mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to take on the responsibilities of husband and wife, father and mother?

If you marry now, what consequences will it have on the schooling and future careers of you and the father? Will you be able to provide financially for the child?

Do close family members and trusted adult friends agree that marriage is the best thing for you, the father and the child?

Do you have supportive family and friends who are willing to help you if you decide to marry and parent the child?

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