Thursday, September 16, 2010

Protect and Provide

After two months of dating, it’s too soon to tell if a relationship will develop into a marriage commitment. Many other factors come into play over the next months and years, particularly God’s leading in your college and career decisions. But you can turn a corner in the relationship by accepting the challenge to protect and provide for the other person as long as you are together. This is a no-lose situation for both of you. If you end up getting married in the future, you will begin your life together on the solid foundation of protecting and providing for each other, which is God’s kind of love. If you should eventually go your separate ways, you can part with no regrets, having contributed to each other’s health, happiness and spiritual growth.

You may not be certain about the future with your special friend but the prospects for your relationship will be bright and positive if you focus on the true love of protecting and providing for one another.

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