Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Pregnant

Stephanie felt Kate’s eyes staring at her intently. “What’s going on Stephanie?” Kate probed with loving sisterly insistence. When Stephanie finally looked up, her chin was trembling and tears flooded her eyes. “Kate, I’m pregnant.” Then the dam burst and Stephanie could say no more. Burying her face in her hands, she sobbed in anguish.

“Stephanie, no!” Kate shrieked in disbelief. For a full minute, Stephanie cried hard, and Kate just held her and let her own tears flow.

As the crying subsided, Kate was in Stephanie’s face. “What happened? Did you miss a period? Some girls miss periods and they’re not pregnant, Steph. Maybe it’s something else. You can’t be sure.” It was another half minute before Stephanie could respond. Wiping her eyes and nose with the tissues Kate provided, she said, “I’m sure. I went to the doctor today – a clinic across town. I already missed two periods. The flu I told you about – that I told myself was the flu – was morning sickness. I’m almost three months pregnant.” Another wave of tears choked off her words.

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