Wednesday, August 4, 2010

True Love Isn't ... Infatuation

True love is not the same as infatuation. Infatuation is a fascination with and intense interest in someone of the opposite sex. You find yourself thinking about that person all day and dreaming about him or her all night. You plan your day around seeing or talking to that special person. Your thoughts may be so preoccupied with that person that you can’t concentrate on anything else. Another term for infatuation is puppy love. Puppy love may be real to a puppy but if the only love you experience is puppy love, you will end up leading a dog’s life!

When people talk about “falling in love” or “love at first sight”, they are usually talking about infatuation. Infatuation can leave a female feeling breathless and starry-eyed about him. And he might feel lightheaded and addlebrained with her. Maybe you have experienced similar feelings about someone of the opposite sex. Infatuation is usually “me-centered,” it's about the feelings you feel. Love is “others-centered,” it's more concerned about how the other person feels.

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