Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Love You, Period

The third kind of love is: “I love you, period” and it does not have conditions. This kind of love says, “I love you despite what you may be like deep down inside. I love you no matter what might change about you. You can’t do anything to turn off my love. I love you, period!”

I love you, period” is not blind. It can and should know a great deal about the other
person’s failures, shortcomings, and faults. Yet it totally accepts him or her without demanding anything in return. There is no way you can earn this type of love, nor can you lose it. It has no strings attached.

I love you, period” is different from “I Love you if ...” in that it does not require certain conditions to be met before it is given. It is also different from “I love you because ...” in that it is not generated by attractive or desirable qualities in the other person. Lust, romance, infatuation, sex, “if love”, and “because love” are predominantly about getting something from another person. Couples in their first couple of months together almost always closer to the “getting side” in their relationship. If what they identify as love is to grow into true love, each of them needs to make a transition to the giving side.

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