Wednesday, July 7, 2010

True Love Is An Action, Not A Feeling

Luke asked Doug, “Isn’t it being kind of self-centered to love ourselves?” “Paul’s not talking about people being self-centered or selfish,” Doug explained. He says we should care for the needs of others just as we do for ourselves. In fact, you can tell that love is real when the happiness, health, and spiritual growth of another person is as important to you as your own.” Luke cocked his head. “So true love isn’t a feeling at all. True love is a way of treating people – caring for them as you do yourself.” Doug nodded.

“Strong feelings of attraction – like you describe between you and Traci – are often called love because that’s how it’s portrayed in movies, TV, and music. But true love can happen with or without strong feelings of attraction, because true love is the action of caring for a person as you care for yourself.”

Before they parted, Doug issued Luke a specific challenge to apply their discussion in his relationship with Traci. In other words, to make the happiness, health, and spiritual growth of Traci just as important as his own. Luke had no idea that Doug’s challenge would soon be put to a severe, unexpected test.


Paul Reinig said...

Thank you for your words. I agree with you, although I have to say that until I could find true love for myself, I had nothing to offer anyone, which means I could not do any acts of true love. Oh, I did things all the time for others, but I resented God because I never felt it ever was returned. Little did I know that I hated myself! Anyway, I invite you to check out my blog:

YOUR BIG LIFE! Stephen Spivey's Blog said...

Love is an action word. An act of discipline, if you will. We may not want to love our neighbor but we act on the scripture and what God has commanded and we grow further in our faith. - rabbit trail, I know, but there it is. Blessings my friend.