Monday, July 26, 2010

The L-Word

Traci and Luke have only been dating two months. But love—the big L-word – is already on their minds. It’s no wonder they are thinking about love, since we live in a love-crazed culture. Love is the predominant theme in many of our popular songs, movies, novels, and TV programs. Everywhere you look in the world of entertainment, someone is either falling into love, falling out of love, making love, faking love, giving love, needing love, living in love, or dying for love.

In the real world, life without love is the pits. The yearning to love and be loved by someone is as common as a heartbeat and breathing. Everyone seems to crave true love, a love that is strong and deep, a love that will last for all time. Yet the pursuit of love has caused more heartache and pain, more brokenness and bitterness, than all the diseases and wars in history.

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