Monday, May 17, 2010

The Right Attitude

The last blog dealt with two misconceptions about God that keep people from understanding His will in their life. Here are two more:

I only want to do part of God's will. Those with this attitude may never know God's will. It's like trying to drive a car by stepping on the gas pedal and the brake pedal at the same time. One moment we're saying, "Lord, show me Your will," and the next moment we're saying, "I don't want to do that part of Your will." If we don't follow through with what God shows us to do today, why should He show us what to do tomorrow? We must commit to doing the whole will of God.

I want to know God's will so I can decide whether I want to do it. Seeking God's will is not like shopping for a new car. You can't "test drive" His will and then decide if you want to "buy" it. You either want God's will, or you don't. You will never really know God's will until you desire it more than your own.

Contrast these faulty attitudes with the appropriate attitude: I am willing to do God's will, whatever it is. The only attitude that will be rewarded is a willingness to accept God's will even before it is known. It is the attitude expressed by the psalmist who wrote, "I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart" (Psalm 40:8). God is eager to share His plans and counsel with those who are eager to obey.

You may be headed in the right direction. Even though you are a little anxious about what God may have in store for you, you are committed to doing God's will. You just need a little help seeing His will more clearly. Such an attitude is always rewarded.

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