Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Need Encouragement

When grieving the loss of a loved one, you need encouragement in addition to comfort and support. You receive encouragement when someone does something thoughtful to lift your spirits. You can encourage people by stopping by just to see how they are doing, sending flowers, providing a hug, and sending a card, especially with a personal comment or Scripture verses. Encouraging deeds like these may not seem as practical as providing meals and running errands, but they are just as necessary.

Once again, if you do not receive the encouragement you need, ask for it. It's okay to tell someone who cares about you, "I need a hug" or "I just need you to be with me for a while." Since it will take time for you to move through the stages of grief after your loss, you will continue to need comfort, support and encouragement for some time. Your needs will not be as great as they were at first, but don't assume that you will be ready to resume life as usual right after the funeral. You must allow your friends and family to continue their ministry of caring as long as you need it.

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