Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Were You a Virgin?

Jenny Shaw, a youth group leader, was hosting a sleepover with several senior girls, including Ashley Shepherd. Ashley tried not to sound desperate but asked, "Jenny, did you know immediately that Doug was the one for you?"

"Not really," Jenny said. "One thing I have learned about God's will is that He usually reveals it one day at a time. I was attracted to Doug right away, and we enjoyed dating and serving Christ together on the outreach team. But it was almost two years before I was sure he was the one God had picked out for me." "How did you know for sure?" Ashley pressed. And Jamie added boldly, "Were you a virgin when you married Doug?" That widened the eyes of all the girls.

"Yes, I was a virgin," Jenny said with a smile. "It wasn't easy, but we were both committed to entering marriage sexually pure. The second way I sought God's will was through prayer." Jenny continued, “Third, I asked for the advice and counsel of mature Christians. I wanted objective opinions about my relationship with Doug. And fourth, I paid attention to the circumstances that kept bringing Doug and me closer together. We both felt led to serve God with our lives, but neither of us felt called to the ministry as a vocation. We worked well together as a team. We enjoyed many of the same things. We loved being together. Since we received nothing but green lights from God for two years, we decided to go for it." To be continued.

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