Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Parent Problems

There are a variety of reasons that parents may be inattentive to the needs of their children. Financial pressure and hectic lifestyles were discussed last time. Here are more:

Family Breakup
Divorce and single parenting create great stress on parents. One parent may be left with the parenting work of two. Extra financial burdens, the beginning of a new career or education track, and new relationships may distract the parent and make careful attention to each child seem impossible.

Large Families
The more children there are in the family, the harder it may be to give appropriate attention and care to each.

Parents tend to neglect their children if they are constantly preoccupied with their own interests and activities. Their drive to climb the social ladder or to achieve status and wealth are sometimes elevated above the emotional needs of the children.

Lack of Parenting Skills
Some parents do not know how to meet all the needs of their children. Some believe that parenting only means providing for physical and material needs.

It is highly unlikely that your parents are purposely inattentive to your needs or disagreeable toward you and your lifestyle. Are one or more of the reasons above keeping your parents from meeting your needs?

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