Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Friends are Clueless

Your friends are sometimes clueless about your emotional needs because they are too busy with their own lives, because they are too self-centered or because they lack the sensitivity and skills for being a caring, supportive friend.

Concern over relational conflicts can negatively affect your grades. Sometimes motivation and concentration have been dulled by a lack of encouragement and interest from parents. How have your difficulties at home impacted your daily life? There are many negative effects that result when people don't get along. Perhaps you will identify with one or more of the following:

You may feel worthless or unimportant.

Your concentration and motivation in school may be weak, and your grades may suffer as a result.

Lacking full acceptance from those you care about, you may be tempted to hang out with others who are a bad influence on your moral and spiritual values.

You may have difficulty finding and developing other good relationships.

You may be tempted to rebel against your parents or to hurt your friend in order to gain their attention or to punish them for their lack of attentiveness.

Lack of close interaction or caring in relationships may tempt you to get involved with alcohol or drugs.

You may be tempted to find the intimacy you miss in sexual activity.


DaneV1 said...

Makes you think about how you treat your friends & others around you.

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Josh McDowell said...

Translation for Gary's Comment: "Love is not a charity, it cannot be handed out like alms."