Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Suicide? Part 2

What problems are behind the signs of suicide? What prompts a student to consider suicide? Family disruption and depression were noted in the previous blog. Here are more signs that may be at the root of your friend's disturbing behavior.

Does your friend seem to feel trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation? Suicide is often viewed by students as an escape from despair, pain, punishment, humiliation, or simply the weight of mental and emotional burdens.

Has your friend suffered the tragic loss of a parent, close friend or loved one? Sean said that Kevin was disturbed over the recent death of a friend. Suicide may be regarded as a way to escape the seemingly unbearable sorrow and grief of such a loss.

Is your friend burdened with guilt over something he or she has done? Suicide is sometimes entertained as the ultimate punishment for what the person considers to be an unforgivable act. (To be continued.)

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