Monday, June 8, 2009

Searching for Love

Maybe some kids don’t know much about being in love. But they still reach out for it in ways that bring them heartache. The following story, shared with me by a heartbroken teenager, painfully illustrates this point:

It was near Thanksgiving and I was babysitting. My boyfriend said, “Mind if I come over?” Well, one thing led to another, and in a strange house on an old beat-up sofa, I was no longer a virgin. Virginity gone, innocence gone, the floodgates of immorality were now open. In poured masturbation, promiscuity, marijuana, speed, a couple of acid trips, crabs and a few bouts with gonorrhea. Love and acceptance were all I was looking for. How could the world be so rotten? I hadn’t found love. I’d found casual sex with all kinds of strings attached. Acceptance? No one really cared. They were too worried about getting burned themselves.

All she was looking for was real love, not a cheap imitation with all kinds of consequences

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