Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Road to Premarital Sex

Broken homes can lead to premarital sex in at least four ways. One is the lack of value structure that results from such a family. Children are taught to say, “I’m sorry,” to put things back where they got them, to be polite, to be nice to their little sisters. Yet Mom and Dad are unforgiving, unaccepting and mean to each other. Without adult role models, the concepts of right and wrong disappear.

A broken home also can lead to premarital sex due to the fact that the influence and pressure from peers becomes stronger than that in the home. The closeness and sharing that should take place in the family is sought elsewhere. Another reason is lack of security at home which can motivate a teenager to look for intimacy in irrational ways. Physical closeness will not provide true intimacy, but it gives a temporary and sensory substitute for security.

A fourth reason is the effect of divorce on the child’s self-image. Children of divorced parents not only feel rejected by the parents, but they also usually hold themselves accountable for the divorce, as though their actions caused it. The feelings of rejection and guilt may cause a teenager to seek a boost in his or her self-image through sex. Sex allows that teen to feel important and attractive to someone.

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