Monday, May 11, 2009

Kids in Need of Instruction about Sex

When there is a love famine in the home, positive, nurturing communication suffers. As a result, adolescents lack parental instruction about sex. They must gain their sexual education elsewhere, through self-discovery, peers or the media. As a result, sex education is at best incomplete and at worst erroneous.

A couple of students summarized the situation this way:

Teenagers are ignorant about what they are doing. All they know is that they were made with certain body parts, so they might as well find out what they’re used for. Sort of like test-driving a car just to see how well it performs.

Lack of accurate information about sex, although less of a problem than in our parents’ adolescence, is still quite common, and young people often don’t realize how far they are going. Before they know it, they have an unexpected pregnancy on their hands. It must be pointed out that some parents are much to blame since they have not informed their children on the topic of sex, either because they are too embarrassed to discuss it, are irresponsible or are ignorant themselves.

Need I say more?

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