Monday, February 2, 2009

The Message About Sex (Part 2)

What is the damaging message about sex so frequently communicated through the media, either directly or indirectly? Abbylin Sellers, author of The Sexual Abstinence Message Causes Positive Change in Adolescent Behavior, identifies six media lies about sex. For each lie, Sellers gives us the truthful message our kids need to grasp:

Lie #4: If you don’t express your sexuality freely, you must be repressed, sick or prudish. This can be a very intimidating lie, but the facts are that premature sex is bad for your emotional, physical and cultural health.

Lie #5: Sex is freedom. Young people who become sexually active in response to peer pressure to be sophisticated and independent are actually becoming victims of current public opinion. No one is really free who engages in any activity to impress the majority.

Lie #6: Surely God understands that this is the twentieth century! God did not give these rules because he is a spoil-sport. Quite the contrary. Because He is God and because He loves us more than we can ever know, He has told us how to have the best, most satisfying sexual experiences--in the context of marriage.

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