Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Deception of Distorted Values

For years now we have allowed the media to misrepresent casual sex and free love. Young people have been shown that the cure for everything is to jump into bed. Sex is proclaimed as a cure-all. It’s the remedy for emptiness and loneliness. It’s the answer to a lack of significance. All lies. Sex is not a cure-all. There’s no such thing as casual sex. There’s no such thing as free love.

For the most part we have allowed our young people to determine who they are as sexual beings on the basis of these lies propagated by the media. This deception is crucial, because our sexuality affects everything we say, hear, think and do. Sexuality is at the core of our human existence. And we have allowed our young people, who are growing up right now, to base their sexuality on lies.

Enticing, erotic scenes on TV and in the movies communicate to our teens, “Be sexually active.” The focus is on immediate sexual gratification. Yet the concerned parent says “Wait” and promotes abstinence as the standard for young people. Our kids are getting mixed signals about sexual behavior—no wonder there is so much confusion.

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