Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leave the Old Ways Behind

Adolescents mistakenly believe that once they have become sexually involved, they cannot stop or turn back. Having already lost their virginity, they see no way to get it back, so they keep making things worse by perpetuating their sinful behavior. Emotional trauma, ruined relationships, ruined reputations, ruined self-image, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases are all there—the path is dangerous. To emphasize those consequences is neither sensationalism nor an attempt to panic anyone. It is the hard truth. Staying on the wayward path simply because one is already there is a foolish gamble.

But God offers us the opportunity to leave the old ways behind and start on a new path: a renewal that can start at the time of our choosing. If we have walked ten steps away from God, he has already walked nine steps toward us but we have to take that final step to a restored relationship with Him—asking Him to forgive us. The beauty of God’s forgiveness is that it is never-ending. We can come to Him in repentance at any time, for any reason, no matter how long we have been straying from Him.

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