Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It’s Tough Out There

Young people are making their transition to adulthood with less emotional maturity than in years past. Our society affords less freedom to express emotions. It doesn’t mean that emotional outbursts are not possible; it means that teenagers do not often find help in understanding how they feel, and so are unable to develop the maturity needed to handle emotional stress and to be responsible for emotional reactions.

Family tensions contribute to teens’ immaturity. School counselors are seeing more and more students with behavioral problems and self-image problems caused by such stress in the home as fighting or absent parents, lack of love and acceptance by parents, a single parent (usually the mother) having a live-in lover, and so on.

Regrettably, these emotional and self-image problems make it difficult for a teenager to go against what the crowd is doing. Conformity is a haven for emotionally immature and insecure people, and it is hard for such people to say no to sex, even when intellectually and morally they know it is wrong.

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