Monday, November 3, 2008

The Wrong Piece of the Puzzle

People are trying to put together the jigsaw-puzzle fragments of their lives. What they don’t know is that someone has switched the tops of the puzzle box. In order to assemble the puzzle, we should be looking at the picture of our Creator and the Word of God that points to significance, individual worth, truth, meaning—all the things that give us the dignity God designed us to have. But the pieces given us by our culture—materialism, drugs, and sex—are so dehumanizing and degrading that we eventually quit trying to figure out the puzzle. We lose ourselves even further in temporal pleasures.

Young people looking on feel this confusion acutely. They need role models at home to teach them right and wrong. If they are instructed in the ways of right and wrong but do not see the parents living this way, they will reject their parents’ words as hypocrisy. They need the anchor of God’s truth to make sense out of the mayhem confronting them. They need a basis, a standard by which to make decisions. They need a world view they can put into words.

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