Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Modern Dilemma

Throughout most of history, man has had only one question to answer: “What am I going to do?” Modern society is unique in history because of its enormous affluence. No longer faced with mere survival, hundreds of millions of people now have time to ask, “Who am I?” before deciding what their actions will be.

But modern men and women are faced with a dilemma. Unwilling to accept God’s truth, they turn to dozens of other concepts now on the market. Overwhelmed and disillusioned, they come to the conclusion that they are nothing more than a fluke of chemical happenstance. Whether they recognize such a conclusion or not does not matter; their acceptance of it is played out in their actions.

Those actions reflect a lack of form in their individual world. Without recognition of right and wrong or good and bad, without a structure by which to measure themselves and their actions, they are left in despair. To placate the despair, they look to entertain themselves. They look to amusement (which literally means “without thinking”), which always leads to seeking pleasure in temporal, sensory ways: materialism, drugs, sex.

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