Monday, November 10, 2008

The Me-ism Culture: Self Is First

Most people would agree that we are living in a “me-ism” culture, one preoccupied with self. It is clear that advancing and pleasing self is the number-one priority in our world today. A recent survey revealed that teens consider “enjoyment” more important than “helping people” or “pleasing one’s parents.” Our kids are growing up with a warped sense of entitlement which prompts them to demand, “I want what I want when I want it.”

Rampant me-ism has significantly affected the climate of our world’s morals. Kids today simply don’t view morality and values as a couple of generations ago. In an article titled “The Way of the Wise: Teaching Teenagers about Sex,” Paul David Tripp, writes: The view of life from which modern sexual expression emerges holds these “truths” to be self-evident:

· There is nothing more important than the individual. I am self-sustaining and free from any authority I do not choose to follow.
· That the highest of human values and experiences is personal satisfaction and pleasure. I am entitled to my share of pleasure and comfort.
· That I must constantly be vigilant that my “needs” will be met.
· That the most important of loves is the love of self. Without this I will be unable to function.
· That bigger pleasure is better—a constant desire for greater, more effective stimulation.
· That what is important is the here and now, leading to a constant pursuit of instant gratification.

No wonder our young people are out to pursue sex as fast and hard as they can. The present culture has encouraged them to do so.

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