Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Immature Sex

The pressure teens are under is real, and the momentary release that sex provides is real. Sex does not resolve a stressful situation, of course, but it does supply a temporary escape. And when life gets hectic, stressful, or painful, teens will likely seek each other out for the comfort and relief of a sexual encounter.

Desire to escape stress through sex—or alcohol, drugs, food, etc.—is a sign of immaturity. A mature person has a healthy sense of self-worth. A mature person shows self-control. A mature person can make decisions that will not necessarily alleviate the stressful situations but will help him or her deal with stress without having to run away from it. A mature person has a solid set of values on which he or she bases behavior, even when pressure is intense.

Sexually active adolescents may blame their actions on stress, but they are responsible for their actions. They cannot control the future, their relationships with parents or friends, or the decisions of a teacher or coach. But they can control themselves. When teenagers are better able to deal with stress through personal discipline and self-control, they won’t feel the need to resort to sex as a release. When they begin to focus on the quality of their own character instead of a “quick fix” for their problems, they will be able to establish and strengthen their personal values.

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