Thursday, October 16, 2008

Craving for a Child

Most adolescents who are sexually active want desperately to avoid pregnancy. And yet there are some girls who feel so unacceptable to themselves and unloved by others that they intentionally have sex to become pregnant and have a baby. Many of these girls crave a child to love, but they especially want someone to love them in return. Some girls even want to get pregnant as a means of forcing a boy to marry them. That’s their reason for premarital sex.

These young women are immature. A girl who wants a baby mainly to meet her own need for love and security is unprepared to be a good mother. To use a pregnancy as leverage on a boyfriend reveals the extent to which some girls will go in order to save a relationship. By expecting the child to resolve her own emotional problems, she puts unrealistic expectations on the baby even before he or she is born. Parents are to meet the needs of their children. When parents rely on their children to meet their own needs, you have a very dysfunctional family.

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