Monday, September 22, 2008

Will Anyone Love Me?

After a meeting with a group of high school students in Orlando, Florida, I was approached by a big, husky, handsome young man whom I’ll call Jed who had joined the marines. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. “I got so lonely in the Marines,” Jed said, “that when I met this girl, I went to bed with her. I’m a Christian. I know Christ personally, and it’s the only time in my life I’ve done something like that. She gave me herpes.” Then Jed’s tears really began to flow. “Josh,” he said, “will anyone ever love me?”

My heart was broken for this young man. Jed will pay a heavy price for his moral failure. He will have to deal with his disease for the rest of his life. He may end up living a single, celibate lifestyle for fear of infecting a potential wife. He may miss out on the joys of being a father and grandfather. His one moment of weakness may lead to physical, emotional, and relational bankruptcy.

What if Jed had been one of your children or one of the young people in your church, youth group, or classroom? What would you have done or what would you have given to prevent him from paying the high cost of premarital sex? It may be too late for Jed, although God has forgiven him and can still use him. But it’s not too late for many of your young people. You can save them from the high cost of promiscuity by helping them wait for sex until marriage.

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