Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Embracing God

It is at least as reasonable to say that there must be a God to account for life as it is to say that matter is simply self-existent and life arose from dead matter. If all we were doing was guessing without evidence, one claim may be just as plausible as the other. Both alternatives must admit that the laws of nature as we know them can’t account for beginnings. Both alternatives must admit that beginnings are extra-natural and inexplicable. Having admitted that, the next step is to ascertain which claim best fits reality as we know it.

In previous blogs I have shown that reason, morality, conscience, the order of the universe, the concept of beauty and a sense of meaning all point confidently toward the existence of God. They show a consistent imprint on the nature of reality from which God may be credibly postulated. I have also shown that naturalism can’t explain or account for reason, morality, meaning and beauty. Evolution is inadequate to account for these realities since it is based on the three principles that run counter to scientific laws:

1. Order can emerge from chaos.
2. Life emerged from dead matter.
3. Human intelligence evolved from dead matter.

Faith in God is not only rational, it is necessary to make sense of all reality. As Christians, we have varying positions on issues in the Bible, but we can remain united in the core belief that God is God and Christ is His Son.

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